A husband takes a “unflattering” picture of his sleeping wife nursing their twins, which makes the news.

Simple things can always remind you of how amazing it is to be a mother. If we’re being totally honest, those little photos are never pretty, but BOY are they great. When things are crazy, upsetting, or hard, a mother’s strength really comes through. After her husband took a really bad picture of her, Amy Griffith realized this was true.

Amy Griffith, who has twins, recently got a lot of attention because of a picture that her husband took.

Raising twins can be twice as hard as raising one child. It can be a little stressful to have twice as many people to feed and diapers to change.

“Then, I have some news.Two small children are inside. I and my child were the only ones in the room. I was there for a simple scan to find out how far along we were in our pregnancy. When I had time to think about what had been said, I told myself, “My spouse is going to flip.” When that happened, I thought things like, “How in the world is this going to work?” – Cheer on Others

It was the hardest time in Griffith’s life.

Baby A was born normally through a vaginal birth, but Baby B was much more resistant to giving birth. Griffith finally had to have a c-section, which meant she had to give birth twice in a row. There was still a lot to do after the baby was born, even though the birth was over.

Your body has to work twice as hard when you have twins.

When the milk is doubled, the math is easy. Griffith was making twice as much milk while she was healing from her C-section and giving birth. The body is a very interesting thing. Her body was going through more work than usual. During the first two weeks, she was so tired that words can’t even begin to describe it.

I would sometimes feel tired. I was giving a lot of myself, but I was always committed. I would put up with sleepless nights and cases of mastitis while making the adjustments I thought were necessary. When I felt like that in those first few months, I didn’t even feel tired. – Cheer on Others

One of these “sessions” was when her husband took the picture.

Griffith is shown sitting up straight and being very open and honest while she nurses her children. she is not awake, though. She fell asleep while feeding her small children because being a “supermom” had worn her out.

No one questions her when she says she was “sneaking a nap”!

Every mother knows how important it is to sleep as much as possible. Go for it, even if it’s just for a short time. Griffith decided to start her own twin parent support group because the picture was so popular.

This “sleepy” post has gotten a lot of attention and support. I’m really grateful. Due to the questions I got on Instagram, I made a twin membership program that gives moms who are pregnant with twins, feeding twins, or going through the first few years of being a twin mom tailored support and a community.

Even when it’s hard, every mother knows that being a mom is ALWAYS worth it. Everything is twice as hard when you have twins, but twice as fulfilling.

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