A sweet Golden Retriever becomes a substitute father to four cute baby bunnies, and the five of them form a very cute and touching relationship.

Animals of different kinds have made friends with each other many times throughout history. Today, we’re going to tell you the story of Bailey, a great Golden Retriever who became friends with…bunnies.

Bailey, who has a beautiful heart, took care of these cute baby rabbits after their mother died. He became their father and babysitter. The rabbits felt safe and cared for when Bailey was around.

See how proud Bailey is as he takes on his new responsibilities. The bunnies run, jump, and even do somersaults and other athletic moves around him as they play.

When the bunnies get tired, they try to feel better by getting closer to their loving substitute dad. The kids really appreciate how reliable and kind Bailey is.

In fact, we might give this amazing dog the special title of “mother” because he is so caring, gentle, and full of love.

As time went on, the bunnies turned into cute adults, but their love for the dog who took care of them never changed.

In an interview, Bailey’s owner, Taras, said that he thought his pet would become famous. “He has a heart of gold. Everyone loves him, and he loves everyone back.”

Bailey and his rabbit friends have our best wishes for health, happiness, and all the best things that life has to give.