A two-year-old sings the national anthem in a cute way.

At a high school basketball game in Manahawkin, NJ (Southern Regional), the crowd got a pleasant treat. Clark Harris, a Cincinnati Bengals player who used to go to school in New Jersey, walked out onto the court with his 2-year-old son’s hand in his. Trent Harris started his cute version of “The Star-Spangled Banner” while standing next to his father.

Trent starts to sing with some trepidation, whispering the first line. With the second line, he feels a little more sure of himself, and Daddy moves off the court quietly. Trent keeps singing, and the fans listen carefully.

Trent has learned the song, and you can tell when he belts out “rocket’s red glare.” The crowd laughs, and he starts the part where bombs are going off in the air.

It’s not easy for a young child to sing the National Anthem in front of a big crowd, but he does a great job! He must have been working on it at home for a long time. He not only remembered the words, but he also didn’t get nervous on stage. The crowd must have been as happy as his parents were proud.