Adele’s boyfriend left her on her birthday to go to a party with his friends, so she spent the day alone.

Adele started rumors that she and her boyfriend were going to get married soon when she showed her fans a $77 million diamond ring in February. Then, people who knew both the singer and Rich Paul said that Rich Paul was obsessed with the man she was seeing. But it turned out that the couple’s relationship wasn’t even close to being perfect.

The singer’s chosen one had a good time at a party given by basketball player LeBron James, according to a story in the Daily Mail. The source said that Rich was at dinner in Miami when he should have been at the 34th birthday party of his sweetheart.

It’s also important to remember that Adele broke her silence after two months by posting new pictures online on the same day.

The famous person stands for the photos in just a short dress and no makeup.

“I have never felt so happy. I’m thankful for everything I’ve done and everything good that’s happened to me. The singer said, “I’m 34, and I like everything.” She went on to say that the past year has helped her heal after a hard breakup.

The star’s loyal fans, who just the day before wished her and her partner nothing but love and happiness, were angry when they heard the terrible news: “I hope you are fine,” “Adele, how are you doing?””Are you still in touch with Paul? I’m very worried about how you’re doing.”

However, the artist hasn’t said anything about her personal life yet.