As his life-threatening heart operation was announced, Shaq and Shaunie’s kid asked for prayers.

“So, the other day, during a routine exam, we found a medical issue involving my heart,” said O’Neal Shareef. The UCLA medical professionals quickly identified the issue, so I won’t be participating this season; instead, I’ll be a medical red shirt.

He continued:

The athlete stated, “I’ll be off for a little bit, concentrating on my studies and, of course, my health, and I’ll just be watching [the team] to be the best player I [can] be next year.”

Shareef wants people to understand that, despite the fact that his heart surgery will require him to “be out for a couple of months,” it won’t have an impact on his career:

“Many people are inquiring as to whether this will end their careers. No, it’s only a tiny hiccup, and I’ll be back in a moment. I’ll keep going to class and acting normally while receiving therapy.

He took a minute to thank his followers and be honest about how the news has made him feel currently melancholy as well as how hopeful he is for the future:

I want to thank UCLA, my family, my teammates, and everyone else who has helped me make this decision. And I simply want to make sure that everyone knows that success is not always simple. You know, you have to get a few cuts and bruises.

Not always will it be easy. Since I feel like I was at the pinnacle of my basketball career entering my freshman year and fresh off of my high school’s state title, I’m a little bummed. I thought I was at the top of my game and simply wanted to grow better when this happened. I’m just trying to put my health first for the time being.

Although Shareef and his family are having difficulties, we commend that young brother for remaining calm in the face of hardship. Sending him positive energy and looking forward to watching him hit new heights as he recovers from his heart surgery.