“Comfortable and Confident After Giving Birth”: Rumer Willis Was Proud to Show Off Her Body After Having a Baby!

After having a baby, American actress Rumer Willis is slowly getting back into shape. She showed her waist for the first time since she gave birth not long ago.

Luetta is being raised by Rumer, who is 34, and her boyfriend, the artist Derek Richard Thomas.

She was born on April 18. Rumer was surprised that she could get back to her old size so quickly after having a baby.

Rumer set up a photo shoot at her house to show how far she had come. She wore a white bra top, white pants, and a matching large shirt from a brand called Bleusalt.

Rumer finished off her look with dark blue knit socks. She made small curls in her hair and put makeup on her eyes to make them stand out.

Rumer used a mirror to take a close-up selfie to show how much she had changed. She told everyone how happy she is with how her body looks now that she has had a baby.

People who liked her and her famous family said nice things about Rumer.

Some people were surprised at how quickly she got back in shape, while others said it was because she had money and access to personal trainers. People also noticed how happy she was and thought that her bigger breasts might be because she was nursing.

Rumer had her child at home, but she ran into some unexpected issues. She had to break her own uterine sac, and her baby came out with her umbilical cord wrapped around her.