Conchita Wurst’s image changed so much that she was no longer recognized.

Conchita Wurst, who won the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest and is both a singer and a drag queen, rarely lets fans see Tom Neuwirth, her real name and male alter ego when she is not onstage.

Fans were shocked by how much she changed recently, which was seen on her Instagram page. Don’t worry, her perfectly styled beard was still there.

Neuwirth’s hair changed color, and it was now a beautiful shade of brown. Bangs and big curls that fall down the back were added. Wurst called her new look “The era of the hot summer girl.”

At first, fans didn’t know who the revived diva was. But Conchita’s constant tinkering with her look never fails to impress both Conchita and Tom’s friends.

Interestingly, Wurst showed off her new look in a way that was more manly. She wore simple clothes and didn’t wear any makeup that stood out. This young guy would be easy to lose in a crowd, but Conchita is a beautiful woman who is hard to take your eyes off of.

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