Dwayne Johnson showed how he celebrated his daughter’s birthday and was called “the best dad in the world”

Dwayne Johnson, also known as “The Rock,” recently shared a picture of his daughter Tiana’s birthday party on social media. In the picture, he’s giving her a sweet kiss while she’s dressed up as Sleeping Beauty, and they’re both laughing.

In his post, he wrote about the fun party he threw for Tiana, where other young princesses were also invited. Lauren Hashian, Tiana’s mother, also took the chance to say how much she loves and admires her daughter.

Dwayne Johnson loves spending quality time with his kids, and he often posts cute pictures of them doing fun things on Instagram. He is very proud of being a caring father and always tells his kids to follow their dreams.

Dwayne has three kids, and Simone, his oldest daughter, is excited to follow in his path and get into professional wrestling. He is very proud of what she has done and will do anything to help her reach her goals.