Even though it’s ‘not popular’ in Hollywood, Mark Wahlberg won’t admit to being a Christian.

Whether it’s via open talk of his Catholicism or wearing an ash cross on his forehead on Ash Wednesday, Mark Wahlberg doesn’t disguise his relationship with God.

And the “Father Stu” actor demonstrated this when appearing on TODAY on Ash Wednesday, February 22.

The 51-year-old added that discussing religion with co-anchor Savannah Guthrie was a necessary balance in his routine. He does not want to impose his views on anyone, but he also does not back down from them. This sin is more terrible. Even if his opinions are not commonly accepted in his area, he cannot argue against them. He must notify others about this immediately. But he must also respect and honor his friends who come from all walks of life, as well as from different religions and sects.

Wahlberg made it clear in a previous interview from April 2022 that he still treats his four children with wife Rhea Durham with the same philosophy of “share but don’t push.”

When Wahlberg sat down with Savannah to discuss the Lenten season and the fasting times that are a part of it, he went into further depth as a guest narrator and paid ambassador for the Catholic prayer app Hallow.

Wahlberg asserted that fasting had several distinctive qualities. The most crucial thing to remember is that, if one has eating problems, there are other options. God is aware of the things he wants people to isolate themselves from. Everyone has experienced circumstances that made them feel guilty or less than they ought to. Therefore, it’s about being able to put such experiences behind you and concentrate on good habits rather than unpleasant ones. There are several difficulties with fasting, such as the current restriction on meat. He will only consume one meal today, like he does on every Friday throughout Lent and on Good Friday.

As part of the Pray40 Lent Challenge on the Hallow app, Wahlberg will also guide listeners through encourag­ing lectures on the discipline of fasting.

He observed that when individuals have the self-control to persevere through Lent’s difficulties, they may be at their best.

At least, it is what he has seen.

He claimed that he has valued discipline throughout his life. He recognized he required a lot more discipline in his life when he switched from music to movies, and that discipline has provided him a lot of additional advantages. Because he has been so amply recompensed for it, he feels compelled to spread the wealth of that reward to others, whether via fasting, increased exercise, disengagement from other pursuits, or simply by spending more time in prayer and in-depth study with God. They warrant careful consideration.

Wahlberg’s response when asked to summarize his faith was, “It’s everything.”

He went on to remark that it had given him a great deal of chances. It is clear that God did not send Himself to save the Christians. The lost were to be saved by Jesus. Focusing on one’s religion has helped him in becoming better versions of himself after having life events that have motivated him to do so.