Everyone was moved by the story of a strong 17-year-old girl who raised her five brothers and sisters on her own.

In 2013, his mother died of cancer, which was a sad event for his family. Only her oldest daughter Samantha remembered her well; her other five children were still young.

Samantha worked hard with their father to make sure the kids were comfortable and meet their needs.

But things changed in a terrible way when their father got very sick and was diagnosed with cancer. Samantha had to make the hard choice to quit school so she could take care of him.

Now, the whole family was having a terrible time. When the father died, the five small children had to be taken to a home. But Samantha couldn’t let this happen, since they were the only Indians she had left.

Samantha took care of her younger brothers and raised them. She asked their older grandma for help, and even though she was old, she gave advice.

The girl got a job as a waitress, and the family got help from the government. The money situation was very tough, but things got better over time.

Samantha finally finished high school and was able to go to college. And at home, her older sisters helped her.

She keeps working hard and being a good example for her sisters and brother, who call her “mom” and “dad” with respect and love her very much.