God-given beauty. The grown-up Crawford Son Falls in Love with One of His Mom’s Friends

On February 20, the supermodel Cindy Crawford turned 54. She has two children, Kaia and Presley, and has given them her beautiful looks. Kaia and Presley are already making waves in the fashion world. Recently, the happy mother shared a picture of her beloved child, which made Crawford’s fans fall in love with her.

“Gods, she’s so hot,” “With such a beautiful mother, he didn’t stand a chance. Let him try on a different look,” “Presley is good,”

“Mama’s copy,” “I want to be your daughter-in-law,” “Mama’s genes worked,” “Stately beautiful guy,” “I think the stories in the press are a bit exaggerated. A regular guy.”

“Who would have needed him if his mother hadn’t been so well-known?”,

Under Cindy Crawford’s post, it says, “Let’s call things what they are: an average guy, there are many more handsome ones.” It’s also interesting to hear your thoughts.