Grandma receives a fantastic surprise party and birthday greetings as she turns 105.

Audrey Ainsley has no plans to leave her beautiful life, even as she draws closer to turning another year old.

At Gulfside Medical Care in Foley, she always exuded joy and seemed to enjoy herself.

When asked how she managed to live so long, Ainsley always had a straightforward response. This was also the reason why she could laugh so heartily and loudly at her birthday celebration.

She maintained her energy and activity. The long-time inhabitant of Baldwin County seems to have boundless strength and vitality. She could be over 100, but it doesn’t appear so.

Because Ainsley wants to remain active, her family is not shocked by her excellent physical condition.

Her daughter Marlian Ahearn claimed that Ainsley always took care of herself by working out and being active. ‘You know, it’s simply fantastic,’ she added. She and my father have always had a wide variety of interests.

The opportunity to spend time with her treasured grandkids and the privilege of getting to meet her great-grandkids were both appreciated by Ainsley. She made the most of her time with them by creating memories.

Ainsley believed she was going to see her doctor of 19 years, Dr. Kenneth McLeod, in October 2022, but it was all a lie.

She wasn’t expecting much more than a routine examination, so she was surprised by the staff’s generosity in caring for her.

The happy woman entered a space that was adorned with banners, balloons, and other birthday-related accents. They set out a table with cake and delicious bites for their beloved resident.

Ainsley knew it was for her when she spotted the balloon sign that said “105.” She was unable to conceal her joy.

It meant so lot to her that she was privileged to be the guest of honor at the surprise party.

Ainsley exudes an infectious vitality. Even if she didn’t find the key to perpetual youth, she did learn a lovely way to live: without boundaries and with an inexhaustible supply of optimism.