“I love her just like this.” Fans were surprised when Pierce Brosnan posted a picture of his baby wife.

It’s hard to believe that the famous actor is already 68 years old. Recent pictures show that Pierce Brosnan is in great shape. Pierce doesn’t try to hide the fact that he’s only interested in one woman.

In 2001, the star took his relationship with the beautiful Keeley to the next level, and he still loves her very much. Supporters say that Pierce’s wife has changed a lot in the last twenty years.

The picture of Keeley when she was fat is often talked about in the comments section. Pierce’s answer is short and to the point: “I love her like this.” “Beautiful couple,” says one. “What a great example,” says one person, “the exception to the rule.”

“Bravo, Pierce,” “A true one-liner,” the writer says. “I wish I had Pierce like that,” one of the couple’s fans said about their most recent picture together.