Identical to her sister. Tina Kunaka’s 22-year-old brother also became a model. Here’s how he looks.

Tina Kunaki is known all over the world not only as the wife of Vincent Cassel, but also as a very beautiful and classy model. She can compete with fashion stars like Bella Hadid and Kaia Gerber because she has an exotic look, a beautiful body, and the speed of a cat.

Few people know that Tina isn’t her family’s only child. Her sister’s name is Cassie, and her brother’s name is Zachary. Cassie stays away from the celebrity lifestyle, but Zachary, who will turn 21 in December, is slowly following in his famous sister’s ways.

This isn’t a surprise because the brothers look a lot alike and are very close to each other. Since they were kids, they haven’t fought much, and that hasn’t changed as adults. Tina was the one who got her younger brother interested in becoming a model.
Zachary had wanted to play soccer for a long time and showed signs of being good at it. But when he was young, he hurt himself and had to give up on this dream. So, the world might have lost a sports star in the making, but it got an amazing model instead.

Right now, Kunaki’s brother is just starting out in this business. But fashion experts and designers think he will have a good future. He already has a few contracts with French clothing companies and has been in a number of magazine picture shoots. His next goal is to rule the fashion stages around the world. We are sure that this beautiful young man will reach his goal.

Zachary isn’t dating anyone right now, and his main attention is on his work. Still, he has a large number of fans. People who like Zachary’s Instagram posts compare him to gods and Apollo in the comments. Even though it might be a bit much, this man is so handsome that you could look at him for hours.