“I’m just taking a break from wearing wigs.” Tyra Banks, who is 49 years old, showed up without any make-up or wigs.

This is what she did when spy pictures started showing up on social media.

The beauty and former “Top Model America” host Tyra Banks will soon turn 48. Even so, the American star likes to try out new looks and isn’t afraid of being criticized.

Recently, pictures of Tyra taken by reporters have been making their way around the Internet. Fans have noticed that the former model has put on weight and lost some of her hair.

As a reaction, the famous person shocked both her fans and her enemies by posting a photo of herself without makeup on Instagram, which is an extreme organization banned in Russia.
“And still very beautiful,” “Beautiful both with and without the wig,” People wrote in the comments, “Tyra, honey, thank you for being honest!”

Subscribers liked the celebrity for being honest and open, since not every celebrity would be brave enough to show themselves as they really are.

Of course, not every 46-year-old woman can afford to take photos without makeup, which makes Tyra Banks unique in this way.