“I’m Proud of You, Honorita”: On her 15th birthday, Jessica Alba showed off her daughter.

The actor from Hollywood told a sweet story about a happy family event. Jessica Alba has shared a rare video of her oldest child.

After being married to director Cash Warren for 18 years, they enjoyed the 15th birthday of their daughter Honor. In honor of the event, the parents chose to share some of their favorite family memories.

Jessica put together a movie with photos and touching videos and then edited it. In the video, a young Honor can be seen sitting on her mother’s shoulders. It also shows the girl in ballet class, where she tries to dance in an odd way while wearing a puffy skirt. Other pictures show Honor taking care of her new baby brother, trying out different kinds of makeup, and dancing like she saw on the internet for fun.

On the day her daughter was born, the star wrote an emotional letter to her: “Fifteen years ago, baby Honor Marie Warren made me a mom. I had no idea how much would change in my life. As soon as I saw you, my heart was full of love… My whole life turned upside down, and I felt a bond that I couldn’t explain. I’m proud of the person you’ve become, Onorita, after 15 years. My girl, I love you more than anything.”

Jessica was proud of her daughter for being the “best big sister” to Haven, who is 11, and Hayes, who is 5. The star says that seeing Honor “unfold” and make a life for herself is the “greatest gift” of her life. She also said, “Big kisses and hugs! Happy birthday, baby girl. How old is she? What?!” — with the happy comments of the Hollywood star.

Alba’s husband was also there for the party. The 44-year-old producer shared video from Honor’s birthday party, in which she is dressed in a party outfit. The teenager wore a pistachio fairy dress. She had her hair curled and put a hat on it. The father was happy and sad at the same time about how fast his daughter had grown up.

The actor, her husband, and their children recently took a luxury vacation at a resort in Hawaii. The paparazzi were interested in the pictures of Jessica on the beach that showed her in a bikini, and fans were excited about them.

“I’m trying to find words to describe how I feel. It’s a mix of things like love, pride, gratitude, and pain. Yes, pain. You are the oldest of my kids. So it makes sense that it tastes a bit bitter. I love going to school with you in the morning and talking with you at family meals. I love hearing from you about your grades, and I love that you have artistic skills that you don’t tell anyone about. I love the songs you listen to and the funny things you say… “I love being your dad,” Warren told his children.