In “The Belles,” Matt Damon and his wife and three grown children made a rare appearance.

Matt Damon’s family doesn’t usually go out in public with him very often. Still, it was a big deal that his most recent movie was shown all over the world. Fans couldn’t believe how beautiful his wife and three kids were.

The actor, who is 52 years old, went to the opening of Air Jordan with his wife Luciana Barroso and their three girls, Isabella (16), Gia (14) and Stella (12). The premiere took place at the Regency Village Theater in Westwood, California. The two also take care of Alexia, who is Barroso’s daughter from a previous relationship.

The 46-year-old wife of Matt Damon looked beautiful in a short dress that showed off her thin legs. The clothes they put on their girls were very pretty. Stella wore a stylish skirt and corset, while Isabella and Gia wore outfits that looked like flowery underwear.

It’s awesome to see famous kids who look like regular kids. “I love that they have a quiet family life without any attention or scandals,” a fan of his wife said. “Every child is cute. The wife of the guy is great. And it’s clear from the way he looks at her that he likes her. Fans asked, “What kind of girls are already that big?”

Matt Damon’s good friend Ben Affleck is also in the next movie. The main idea of the story is that Nike wants to make an ad campaign with Michael Jordan. The show will be available to everyone on April 5.