Lady Gaga should win an Oscar for having the most daring outfit. Everyone at the event was amazed by the artist.

Lady Gaga had a great time at the Oscars party, which took place in Los Angeles in the early hours of the morning. But she couldn’t take the prized golden figure home with her.

Many guests and friends of the singer agreed that if there was a category for the most risky outfit, she should have won.

When the singer showed up at the wedding, it was a big surprise. Only a few days before, it was made public that she would not be able to go to the Oscars at the Shrine Auditorium because she is currently shooting the Joker sequel.

Gaga was still able to plan a trip to Los Angeles. She also sang in the Oscar-listed movie “Top Gun: Maverick” and was nominated for it, so it wasn’t just as a guest star.

But the prize was not given to her song. But Gaga made a lot more people pay attention to her.

People were shocked by how she was dressed. From the front, the singer looks beautiful, but from the back, she seems very real.

Versace’s solid black dress has a hefty satin skirt.

As she walked around the red carpet in the minutes that followed, the singer was able to make people talk about her.

One of the cameras was interested in the way she was dressed and turned on her. He tried to take as many shots as he could, but he got off track, which caused him to fall down.

Then Gaga ran over to help him stand up. The shooter was then made to feel better by her.

But it was more than that.

During the event, the artist went up to the stage to sing the song for which she was nominated. The crowd gasped once more.

Many people thought she would show up in the same outfit that shocked everyone. She might also have a different look, maybe even a more beautiful one. Everyone was surprised when Lady Gaga changed into the easiest outfit.

She wore knee-ripped black pants and a black t-shirt when she went on stage. without any make-up or jewelry at all!

Even if the singer didn’t win, her show at the Oscars would be remembered for a long time.