“Lost the shape it had before.” The reporters took pictures of Diaz while she was walking with her daughter.

Cameron Diaz is getting close to 50, but she still looks great, and her fans love her for it. Even though facial surgery has put pressure on her, she has stayed true to herself over the years. Her fans know this, and because of it, they like her a lot more.

Cameron, a lady who is 48 years old, has chosen to accept that she is getting older. Photographers recently caught her with her daughter, so it seems like she is no longer trying to hide the fact that the child is hers.

Cameron isn’t as lively and full of life as it used to be. I think Diaz has put on a few pounds. She used to be so pretty, but unfortunately, time marches on.

Online users were sad that a young, attractive woman decided to have a child while starting her own life and work.

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