Mariah is good at picking out biкini. The forms are here!

Mariah Carey has always loved to show off her curves in bikinis. During her three-decade career as a singing superstar, Mimi has thrilled her fans with pictures of her in swimwear that make her look like a sweet, sweet dream.

When she goes to Aspen, Colorado, every year to celebrate Christmas, the singer of “We Belong Together” always wears a swimsuit for her fans to see.

She often wears a colorful bikini, but she has also gotten dressed up in a gold one-piece while sitting in her hot tub in the snow. Even Mimi knows by now that her holiday hot tub pictures have become a tradition for her fans and herself.

In the beginning of Mariah’s work, she often wore bikinis to show off her body. In 2003, when she was getting ready for her world tour, she wore a cute blue and white string dress on the beach in Miami Beach, Florida.

The star has also worn bikinis in music videos and other projects, feeling good about her body. In 2001, Mariah went dancing in London in style by wearing a black bikini top with low-rise pants.
In 2008, Mariah married her second husband, Nick Cannon, and the two started a family. This was Mariah’s first time being a mother. On April 30, 2011, they had twins named Monroe and Moroccan. Three years later, they broke up.

During her pregnancy, Mimi added 70 pounds, which she worked hard to lose. She found out later that 40 of those pounds were water weight she had kept on, and the other 30 were weight she lost by working out and eating right. She even became a spokesperson for meal ideas that Jenny Craig liked.

In an interview with Us Weekly in November 2011, Mariah said, “I gained a lot of weight.” She told the magazine that she only ate 1,500-calorie meals a day and worked out three times a week.

“Being able to have the kids was a huge gift. But because I couldn’t move, I felt stuck in my body,” she told the magazine, adding, “I’m proud of how hard I worked to get my body back. I did this for myself.” Even after more than a decade, Mimi still looks fierce!