Meet the identical triplets who are doing well at age seven.

Seven years ago, when they found out they were having triplets, their parents were shocked. At the time, they were already taking care of a 3-year-old. This birth, which shocked experts all over the world, was a very unusual event. There is only one chance in 200 million that you will have identical triplets.

The triplets became well-known very quickly. They were soon on TV shows, in magazines, and on the front pages of newspapers. In answer to the public’s never-ending interest, their parents started a blog about how their big, busy family lived day to day. At first, it was a place to share experiences, but over time, partnerships with children’s clothing and toy brands turned it into a major source of income.

These seven-year-old stars love to show off their newest clothes to their fans, and they never stop surprising their fans. Their mother had a hard time telling Roman, Roan, and Rocco apart at first, but it got easier over time because they all have different personalities.

The oldest, Roman, is a natural boss. He feels responsible for Roan and Rocco because he was born first. Roan, on the other hand, is known for being wise and thoughtful. Before he says anything, he thinks about the possible pros and cons. Rocco, the youngest, is always busy and plays the most practical jokes on his family. He can’t sit still and is always on the lookout for new things to do.

The boys love and admire their bigger sister, who also helps take care of them. Now that the triplets are in school, their teachers must have a hard time telling them apart because they all look the same and are dressed the same. The fact that the kids’ parents have been living apart for a long time is interesting.

The father got tired of constantly changing diapers and not getting enough sleep, so he moved away from the family. He liked not having to worry or worry about not getting enough sleep so much that he filed for divorce. His ex-wife, who was left to raise the triplets by herself, doesn’t hate him and has long since stopped expecting him to help.