No one came to the boy’s birthday party, but what happened next will make you feel very warm and fuzzy.

A woman from Utah wrote on social media that no one came to her son’s birthday party because it was on New Year’s Eve. Kind people from all over the world sent them gifts and well-wishes.

Rosario Lopez, Jayden’s mother, had planned the party and sent out invitations ahead of time. Unfortunately, none of Jayden’s friends or family showed up, so Rosario and Jayden were alone that day.

Rosario apologized in a post on a local group and asked for kind words and praise for her son in the comments. To her surprise, her request got a lot of likes, and people asked for their home addresses so they could send gifts and toys or even come to the birthday party in person.

People who also had birthdays on important holidays shared their own stories in the comments to encourage Jayden and let him know he wasn’t alone. Another mom invited Jayden and Rosario to celebrate together because both of her kids’ birthdays were coming up soon.