No underwear again. Lopez, who is 53, went down the red carpet in a knotted dress.

Jennifer Lopez, who is 53, wowed people with what she wore on the red carpet. This time, instead of swim shorts and a bra, the Hollywood star wore a knotted outfit. Fans and journalists were interested in Lopez.

People talk about the star’s outfit in the comments. “Jennifer is as good as ever” and “I can’t believe she’s over 50. It’s as if she doesn’t get older,”

“The most beautiful woman,” “It’s hard to call Jennifer beautiful, but she knows how to get people’s attention,” “Stunning,”

“And who needs that kind of outfit? Everything is clear,”

“She really is a woman. I can’t take my eyes off this beauty. “, “A stylish picture. Fans of Lopez wrote in the notes that it was “memorable.”