Riley Gaines sues Lia Thomas for $2 million: “She took everything away from me”

Riley Gaines, a swimmer at the University of Kentucky, recently encountered leftists when she went to testify about her experience swimming against biological male Lia Thomas. Gaines has subsequently been referred to by Thomas as a “entitled Little Brat.”

Gaines had the decency not to reply to such personal remarks, so she asked her lawyers to move up the date for her forthcoming case. Gaines is suing Thomas for $2 million, claiming both physical injury and fraud-related potential financial advantages.

In reaction, Thomas showed that her hormone medication hasn’t quite compensated for the quantity of hair around her bunghole by mooning Gaines in a video that she shared to TikTok. Thomas said, “That makes it so much funnier.”

Gaines recruited Thomas Bagger to act as her personal representative, and she intends to call every swimmer that day. Thomas stole more than just the contest. She ripped away an opportunity that I had fought for all my life.

Thomas reacted, expressing her heartfelt apology to the media through her spokesperson Joe Barron. Thiomas said, “Not about the tie, I deserved it.” I’m talking about the fact that your best performance was a fifth-place finish in a single National Championship competition. I only learned your name yesterday, honey.

Thomas asserts that she will laugh it off when her attorney drops the case.