Robert De Niro, who was 79 years old, went out in public with his young lover for the first time. She had just given birth to his seventh child.

Robert De Niro and his girlfriend, the martial arts teacher Tiffany Chen, made their first public appearance together at the Cannes Film Festival.

The couple went to see “The Flower Moon Killers” and to the Vanity Fair x Prada party, where they were happy to be photographed. De Niro, who is 79 years old, wore a sharp black suit on the red carpet of the event. Chen, on the other hand, wore black pants, a gray jacket, and a green bag.

Robert De Niro has always been open about his personal life. He told people in early April that he had become a dad for the seventh time. Gia Virginia was born to a martial arts teacher named Tiffany Chen, who was 34 years younger than the popular star. De Niro was very happy to show off his new baby girl to the world.

Gia Virginia is not the only child from a previous relationship that De Niro has. He has six more kids, too. His first wife, Dianne Abbott, gave him both his adopted daughter Drena and his son Rafael.

The star had twins, Julian and Aaron, with the help of a surrogate mother while he was dating Tookie Smith. Before they split up in 2018, De Niro was married to actress Grace Gaitauer for 21 years. Elliot and Hellen, their kids, were born to them.