She didn’t have time to wrap herself in a towel. Hayek, who is 56, was spotted on vacation by reporters.

Reporters are always on the lookout. Recently, a picture was taken of Salma Hayek, a 56-year-old actor, while she was on vacation. This news surprised the Hollywood star. People on social media gasped when they saw the picture of the Mexican star. Salma seems to have figured out how to always look young. The shots we’ve seen lately can’t be explained in any other way.

“She’s pretty,” “Every man’s dream is to go to Salma,” “This is how a beautiful woman should look,” “Her best quality is that she’s not skinny.” “She’s very pretty,” “She’s beautiful,” “No one can beat her,”

Fans of Hayek, who is 56, wrote in the comments below the photo, “Everyone should look like that at her age,” “Fire,” and “I wish there were more photos like that.”

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