She filled her lips with 27 fillers. What the woman from Bulgaria looked like before all the changes.

With the rise of plastic surgeries and lip enlargement treatments, many people were able to make the changes they wanted to their appearance. But for some, the search for beauty went in a very strange direction. Andrea Ivanova from Bulgaria is one of these people. She wanted to look like the famous Barbie doll because she thought it was the most beautiful thing in the world.

With this new goal in mind, Andrea set out on a long, hard journey to change herself into a real-life Barbie. But it looks like she might have gone too far in her search. Before, Andrea was already very attractive because of her natural beauty. But her obsession drove her to get repeated lip augmentations, which resulted in 27 fillers being put into just her lips.

Even though Andrea has gone to such extreme lengths, she shows no sign of stopping, which shows that she is determined to push the limits even further. When you look at her latest photos, you might feel uneasy because her lips look so big that they look like they might burst. It becomes a scary thing to see. Still, Andrea doesn’t let worries or warnings stop her, and she continues to put her own wants ahead of everything else.

Even though everyone has their own story and tastes when it comes to beauty, Andrea’s unwavering pursuit of a certain aesthetic ideal shows how complicated our different ideas of beauty can be and how far some people will go to get it.