Since ten years ago, this little girl has been missing. The police found out where she was in the end.

This little girl hasn’t been seen in ten years, which was sad news for her family.

Portugal was the last place the child was seen. The parents’ lives turned into a nightmare when their daughter went missing.

They were confused about what to do with her. When she went missing, the girl was only three years old. The caring family was just sad.

By the summer of last year, the girl had been missing for 10 years. The police didn’t know what to do to solve the case.

At last, it became clear that the lost girl’s parents had nothing to do with it.

So, the girl has been missing for almost ten years, and the police still haven’t found her.

The babysitter told the girl about all of this for the first time. The babysitter told us some details about this day.

She told what had happened and said that the parents were panicking as they looked for their child.

The police were suspicious about everything, so they talked to a lot of people.

Even though this case hasn’t been solved yet, the parents are waiting with a lot of hope and anticipation.

So, we still don’t know what happened to that cute little girl, which is sad.