“Such a heartbreaking incident”: Bruce Willis forgot that he was on the set of the movie because he was sick with a disease that would kill him.

Bruce Willis’s family said in March 2022 that he was giving up acting because he was having trouble with speech and had later been diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia.

A props expert in the movie business, Alicia Haverland, recently told a touching story about how Willis lost his memory while making one of his last movies.

The event happened on the set of the movie “Midnight in the Cereal Field” in 2020, in which Willis played a big part.

Willis forgot he was on set while they were shooting a scene in a diner. He thought he was at a real café for lunch. The actor was supposed to have a full mug of coffee as part of the scene, and Haverland would replace it before each take.

During the seventh or eighth take, however, Willis told her to stop pouring more coffee because he didn’t want any more.

Haverland tried to explain that it was for the scene, but Willis didn’t understand and asked if he had ordered more coffee. Haverland had to make up what to do next, so she pretended to be a waitress to finish the scene. She finally got Willis to agree that he had asked for more coffee.

So, the sickness has a big effect on his quality of life and is getting worse.

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