The best father in the world: the mother-to-be left the baby with the father.

Richard got married a few years ago. He just recently had a baby girl.

As if he was happy with his wife and their new baby, but then everything in his life changed.

After their child was born, the mom was always upset. She just up and left one day, leaving her husband and kid behind.

She said that she needed some time to herself. At first, the man was shocked.

But he was ready to do anything for his baby because he loved her so much. Because he had never taken care of a child before, it was hard for the single father to take care of his baby at first.

But it was the baby’s sweet smile that made him do it. He became a very responsible father when he learned that the baby could only depend on him.

Soon, he got used to the new rule that he was both his angel’s mom and dad.

He even signed up for parenting classes to learn how to raise his beautiful child.

The great dad also used video lessons to help him raise his daughter at night. They’re so glad to have a small family.