The birth of these beautiful twins was a surprise to their parents.

Today is these wonderful girls’ first birthday. They will be one year old.

In the 30th week of pregnancy, the twins were born.

They are so good that no one could just ignore them.

Many doctors think that this kind of birth can only happen once every 4000 years.

They told the couple that it was a miracle that these kids were born.

They were both born at the same time, and things turned out well for them.

Their parents were happy as much as they could be. They could only wish for such kids.

The wonderful couple had kids three years after they got married, so it was no surprise.

The couple went through a lot of treatments before they found one that worked for them.

After such a shock, the little girls’ mother said she just couldn’t come back to herself.

Today is the first birthday of the babies, so let’s wish them a happy childhood and wish them a happy first year.

The kids are thrilled that they are also well-known on the internet.

The family is very happy to have children like these. Four kids at once was just impossible to describe.

When they meet on the street, people often take pictures with them because they are so nice.