The Carol Burnett Show skit “Wedding Anniversary” takes an unexpected turn.

On “The Carol Burnett Show,” Carol Burnett and Tim Conway played a couple who got married in Mexico and went back to the place where they got married. Ten years after their first visit, they still stay in the same room and worry about how good it is.

They turn off the lights, get into bed, and give each other kisses goodbye. Song opens her eyes wide as she yells, “Henry, Henry!” Something just crossed me. Tim, who is playing Henry, tells her that it’s all in her head.

When Tune tells him to turn on the light, he points to Carol’s feet and says, “It’s right there!” She yells and stands up, and he tells her quickly that he’s kidding. In a fit of anger, she finally goes to bed.

Tune loses it again as she sits on top of the desk and yells that she almost stepped on it. Where? Henry takes a quick look around him and then asks. Henry sees the monster and tries to hit it with his fist.

He says that it is deodorant after he puts something on it. He puts it in a cup and leaves it there as they head back to bed. When Henry turns off the lights again, Carol tells him to check to see if the cup is still there.

As Carol cries again, they hear the glass break and see the lights come on. Henry, maybe it’s a way to get your anger out! She yells. People have seen bugs show anger. “Don’t move!” she yells.

She tells Henry that it’s on the back of his neck and tells him to go outside. He runs away out of fear, and she shuts the door on him. After that, she does what he says and gives him access. When they go back to bed, Henry is carrying a big lizard on his back. Before Carol even knows it, the crowd laughs out loud. Carol gives it a quick look and passes out. The sketch is wonderful from start to finish.