“The Girl Who Became a Mom at 15”: How Destiny from the US did and what her son looks like now

Destiny Korda, a 14-year-old girl from the United States, started seeing her boyfriend in secret in December 2019, even though her parents didn’t like it. But their young love took a surprising turn in March 2020 when Destiny found out she was pregnant. Unfortunately, her boyfriend wasn’t ready for the tasks of being a dad, so the two of them chose to break up.

When Destiny’s mother found out that her daughter was pregnant, she was surprised by how calm she was. She decided to give Destiny her full support because she knew that she would have to deal with psychological problems. This helped Destiny feel like she could take care of her future child. She thought it would be a good idea to share her story on social media, so she started a famous video blog.

Destiny’s life started to get a lot of interest from a lot of people on video sites, which helped her make some money. Destiny had her son Sinser on December 7, 2020, when she was 15 years old. She spent a lot of time reading books and articles about raising children. As a result, she learned a lot and was able to care for and raise her baby on her own. Destiny kept up with her video blog, and over time, she made a lot more money from it.

Destiny is now 17 years old, and she and her son Sinser, who is 2, live a very busy life. They travel a lot, appear on TV, and have become famous in the US, where they have more than 200,000 fans. Destiny isn’t actively looking for a relationship right now because she spends all of her free time with her son. But when it comes to finding a father figure in the future, she plans to include Sinser in the decision-making process.

Even though 15 is a young age to become a mother, Destiny’s strength and drive are inspiring. Even though she had problems, she didn’t give up. Instead, she got ready for the birth of her child and found a way to support herself at such a young age. Her main goal is to make sure her son is happy, and she works hard to give them both a bright future.

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