The judges laughed at the song this girl chose. But her act made them jump out of their seats!

Isn’t it amazing and wonderful that sometimes the smallest people can have the biggest and most powerful voices?

Bo Dermot is only 12 years old, but when she went on the big British folk show Got Talent, she filled the whole stage with herself.

Bowe was probably nervous and excited when he took the stage and quickly got everyone’s attention. The pressure only increased when the judges laughed when they heard what song he was going to sing.

Bowe liked singing the complicated song “Defying Gravity’s” better than the show “Wicked.”

Even though Bowe was under a lot of pressure, he gave a great show that no one will ever forget.

I never would have thought that a 12-year-old girl was the only one who could show them such a magical egg and describe herself.