The utterly adorable moment that was captured on camera is when Dad starts playing the guitar for the toddler twins.

As soon as their father begins playing My Paradise, a guitar tune he made specifically for his daughters, the tiny twin newborns begin to dance. The infants in question are the ones who in 2012 drew notice online by rhythmically swaying in their high chairs to their father’s guitar solo.

The absolutely stunning image of the identical twins dancing at the age of 19 months was taken on camera and posted by YouTube user Brovadere, who adds:

Our 19-month-old identical twin daughters may be seen dancing to their father’s guitar in this video. It’s amazing how youngsters create their own dance moves! The original tune I’m playing was written just for them.

According to his YouTube website, the attractive twin daughters’ father is a self-employed musician who likes writing, recording, and mixing music.

The twins, who share a love of music and have identical apparel and hairstyles, turn their living room with a fireplace into a dancing floor.

The video was released roughly seven years ago, and the twins are now in primary school, but it’s reassuring to think that they still jump and sway whenever their father picks up his guitar and starts to play.

These are the same babies that became viral online in 2012 for dancing to music, which is what they do best. The video is even more distinctive since it shows the unique bond between twins. The way they glance at each other when the music begins makes it seem as if they are asking, “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?”

Newborns are more likely to grin when listening to music, according to study from McMaster University. When they cry, these musically inclined newborns are less difficult to calm down than non-musical ones. Additionally, babies exposed to more music have a tendency to be more bold in their exploration of their surroundings. For these several reasons, parents should introduce music to their young children.