This father reared 30 children on his own and adopted 3 more. This is how they all now reside!

Throughout his 19-year career, the guy has successfully raised 30 children through adoption. Thomas Lamont is from Buffalo. His family has recently expanded with the adoption of five small children under the age of five. They are all one another’s brothers and siblings. Lamont Thomas is now raising 12 kids. GMA reported the story of a father who is a lone parent.

Thomas struggled to contain his tears as soon as the court gave the father permission to bring the five kids into the house. He believes that his five siblings’ integration into the household required a lot of effort. There are presently two biological children living there, Lamonica and Anthony, as well as eleven foster children. In 2000, the story of a single father got underway.

I first began assisting a friend of mine. I then took it a step further and obtained a license that allowed me to look after foster kids. I have not stopped since then.

Michael, one of the oldest adoptees, is already 27 years old. The guy claims that after buying his third home in a succession, Thomas’ house ultimately became his own. The boy’s biological parents were known to the single father.

Thomas, according to Michael, never left his kids unattended. They didn’t start living apart until they were adults and had their own families. Everyone was treated and loved equally in a single-parent household. According to Michael, a father’s calling from God is to raise his children.

Now that we are all grownups. Michael giggles, “I can’t believe he started from scratch again. He ultimately assisted me in surviving. Without him, I wouldn’t be where I am now.

Thomas thought it was time to stop at one point. The eldest kid left home and wed. Despite the fact that there were seven other children in the household, the sole father seemed to be homesick. He “came out of retirement” after discovering that five siblings were seeking for a family.

Because he previously raised the father of these kids, Thomas is aware of them. The father objected to the children living in various homes. It turned out that the four children ended up living in various places and were divided for more than 1.5 years.