“This is a beautiful and amazing frame.” It has pictures of couples who were in love when they were young and after 60 years.

These rare photos show that love lasts forever.

After a long time, this sweet couple from China decided to relive one of their favorite moments by taking another picture in the same spot. This picture has spread like wildfire across the internet and become very famous.

Our second couple is made up of real funny people. This picture was taken 60 years ago. Their grandkids decided to make this work of art again.

This couple is the oldest of the ones we’re showing you today. They have been together for 66 years, which is a long time.

This couple has been together since 1959 and is from South Carolina. They have four kids, 18 grandkids, and 19 great-grandkids. As a gift for their wedding anniversary, their family set up a picture shoot with an expert photographer.

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