Tom Cruise is very interested in dating Shakira, and the star is eager to keep going after her.

Three weeks ago, Shakira was seen at the Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix with someone who was not expected.

People couldn’t deny that they thought there was something between Shakira and Tom Cruise.

Even though the rumors about them having an affair were quickly shot down, it became clear that their relationship is not as clear as it seemed.

A source quoted by The Mirror said that Tom Cruise was completely captivated by the superstar: “He left the event fully convinced that there was a connection between him and Shakira that needed to be explored.”

Tom even told his friends how he really felt.

Tom Cruise wants to date Shakira very much, and the star has no plans to give up.

Unfortunately, the singer can’t do the same right now. The source also said, “She doesn’t want to break his heart, but she doesn’t feel any romance or attraction toward him. She was just being friendly.”

Tom was told these things in a nice way, but he’s not ready to give up just yet.

The person says that Tom has high standards, and the fact that Shakira has moved him deeply says a lot about him.

Maybe Tom will change his approach, but it’s hard to say if it will work with the passionate Colombian.

Tom Cruise wants to date Shakira very much, and the star has no plans to give up.

Shakira has a good reason to feel this way.

After Gerard Piqué, with whom she spent almost 11 years of her life, lied to her, it is clear that she finds it hard to trust men.

But if someone wants to show their ex what they’re missing, being chased by one of Hollywood’s most eligible men could be a great chance.