Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson shared a sweet picture to mark their 35th wedding anniversary.

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson are two well-known Hollywood stars. This year is their 35th wedding anniversary, which is a big deal.

This pair has always been known for how strong their love is and how long it lasts. Rita shared a sweet picture of her family on social media to mark her parents’ coral wedding anniversary. The picture shows the couple at home, standing in front of a cake that looks like it was made at home.

Even though Tom and Rita are famous and successful, the picture of them gives off a real sense of love and comfort. Their smiles give off love and happiness, and it’s clear even through the screen that their famous family is full of care and joy.

Rita made a short but important comment about how important love has been in their 35 years of marriage. Fans of this Hollywood power couple were quick to post words of congratulations.

They praised Tom and Rita for being real, kind, and connected. They also said that seeing Tom and Rita gives them hope and makes them believe in true love.

Tom Hanks met Rita Wilson for the first time on the set of a movie. At the time, he was still married to the actress Samantha Lewis, with whom he has two children.

Tom and Rita got married a year after he got divorced. Together, they have raised their mixed family, which includes Chester and Truman, their own boys.

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson are celebrating their coral wedding anniversary, and their fans still can’t get over how long they’ve been in love and how close they are.