What do the babies of this great pair, coffee and milk, look like?

You can’t argue with the fact that this odd pair is coffee and milk. They are a bright and beautiful reminder that love knows no age, rules, or preferences. Still, it’s very interesting to see what kinds of kids are born to people of different races. After all, no one can know what the baby will look like until it is born.

Jamie and Nikki Perkins are a couple of different races. People might have been surprised or amazed at them twenty years ago, but now no one is confused by the fact that their skin tones are different. The family lives in the Australian city of Melbourne. Five years ago, they got married.

Nikki has her own YouTube account and works as a model. She has been in many photoshoots. She also has more than 1 million people following her on Instagram.

Jamie writes on YouTube and Instagram, takes photos, and makes videos.

There are two girls in the family. Both of the girls were born mixed-race.

Most of the time, dark genes always win out. If mom has blue eyes and dad has brown eyes, for example, the kid is more likely to have dark eyes.

People with blue eyes, straight, light, or red hair are said to have recessive signs.

But we can’t say that the mother’s genes won in this case because the girls got traits from both parents.

And sometimes it does happen: Hannah and Kyle had twins with different skin colors.