What Does Jared Leto’s Young Lover Look Like? “Slanted Eyes and Wide Cheekbones”

Even though he is 51 years old, Jared Leto is known as a “ladies’ man.” His age doesn’t seem to change his ability to draw women.

People talked a lot about his romance with Russian model Daria Korchina just a year ago. But since then, Jared has been with a lot of different people.

Even though he seemed to like Russian women, he wanted to look into meeting options in his own country.

Recently, Jared has been seen more and more with a model named Tet Tinn, who is 27 years old. She was born in Myanmar, but she moved to the United States a long time ago.

Tet’s dark hair, high cheekbones, and slanted eyes give her a unique look that has helped her become a successful model. It has also caught the attention of Jared Leto, who is known for being a girls’ guy.

Jared seems to be so moved by Tet that he put her in the new music video for his band 30 Seconds to Mars.

Even though they are 24 years apart in age, the couple doesn’t see it as a big deal. They still enjoy being with each other, but they prefer to keep their relationship quiet.

Even though they haven’t said anything public about their relationship, they are often seen together on trips and events.

Tet doesn’t talk about Jared on her social media accounts. Instead, she posts pictures of her stylish clothes and things she does for fun.

But some people on the internet don’t like Jared’s new relationship because they think Tet is a “outsider” or someone different from what they thought Jared would be with.