When a shy man who can’t even say his name gets on stage, his voice surprises everyone in the room.

Christopher Maloney has always been too shy to sing in front of people, but on X-Factor UK, he finally does it. When he sang ‘The Rose’ by Bette Midler, everyone went crazy.

A big part of being a good performer is being able to control your own feelings. This lets you connect with the audience and not mess up. But that’s easier to say than to do.
Stage fright is real, and it’s normal to feel nervous and anxious when you have to act in front of a big group of people, especially if you haven’t been on stage before.

The man in the video below knows what it means to get closer to your goals by getting out of your comfort zone and facing your fears. Christopher Maloney was very worried and stressed out when he went on stage to try out for The X Factor UK. He was on an international stage in front of the judges and many other people. And it was clear.

The judges were worried that he wouldn’t be able to sing because he couldn’t stop sweating and could barely speak. But as soon as he started to sing, their worries went away.
The man was able to keep his feelings in check and use his beautiful voice to win over the crowd.

Watch the video here: