“Young, with curly blonde hair.”Meg Ryan as the Queen of Romantic Movies in the 1980s

She always made her figures seem real and true to life, which got them into the Hall of Fame. Even though she has written in many different styles, her best works have been melodramas.

Meg has played more than 20 interesting and well-written parts in Hollywood. She has won many awards and has a big group of loyal fans.

But close friends have said that she has decided to stop acting, which will make her fans miss seeing her on screen.

A rare picture of the much-loved Meg that just came to light has caused a lot of talk online.

Reactions range from “She’s unrecognizable” and “Hard to believe this is the same Meg” to “Someone needs to tell her this look isn’t flattering” and “Can we stop with the excessive use of fillers and Botox” It’s hard not to be surprised by how she looks now.