“You’re a hero!” What the 17-pound baby who was born now looks like

The normal weight of a baby at birth is about 3 kg, but there are some outliers and very few kids who are born with much more than that. Thirteen years ago, a girl was born weighing so much that it made news all over the world.

Tatyana was born in the Altal Territory. Her father was in the army, and her mother was a nurse. Her mother already had 10 kids before she was born, which is interesting. The eleventh pregnancy seemed normal until the last month, when her mother’s stomach grew quickly.

A sonogram showed that the baby was a lot bigger than imagined, which was dangerous for Tatyana’s health. So, the doctors chose to do a caesarean section to make sure she and the baby were both safe and healthy.

To their surprise, the baby weighed 7.7 kg, which was a lot more than the 6 kg they had thought it would weigh.

This girl is the first person in the world to be looked at for this specific case. The test of her is a big step that deserves to be mentioned.

Even though it was hard to feed her, Nadia was born healthy and safe, which was a blessing. But in the end, everything turned out just fine.

Nadia is now a girl, and looking at pictures of her as a child makes it hard to remember who she was.

Even though some of Tatyana’s children have moved in, the family still spends a lot of valuable time together in their three-bedroom apartment, just like they did in the past.